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Strategic Planning

Our comprehensive process involves interviews, working sessions, tools and lots of question-asking to build your strategic plan. We look at where you've been, where you want to go and most importantly, how to get there.  


At Athena, we believe that one of the most critical reasons to do strategic planning is to know when to celebrate achieving your goals. Without that, you are destined for a one-way trip to Burnout City. We’ll set a path, support your team along the way and help you celebrate when you get it done.


Warning: We really love to use post-its. And eat snacks. If that's not your jam, maybe we aren't a fit.


Problem-based Consulting

As business owners ourselves, we know that running a company can feel like one giant game of problem whack-a-mole. Just when one is solved, three more pop up.


Are you considering hiring? Are you interested in selling your business or acquiring one? Maybe you just lost a critical employee and you are in (minor) panic mode about what to do. These are the types of problems we help our clients with.


Our goal with these projects is to be in and out within 30-60 days. We hate counting hours so we only charge you when the problem is solved.



Life is messy. And your business doesn't live in a vacuum. While you're scrambling to develop your CRM, do business development and get a handle on finances, your life does not slow down.
You may have been thrown up on by your toddler this morning. You may have taken your aging mom to the doctor.


Our coaching puts you, the human, at the forefront and your business as the backdrop. We tackle issues like how you want to improve as a leader or whether this is the best time to make a significant business move while life at home is in flux.


Disclaimer: This is slow work. Sadly, we still haven't found a quick fix to all of life's issues. It takes time and commitment. Both of which we are more than willing to give if you are.


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